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04 Mar 0 270
Matthew Pritchard, Billy Taylor, Martin Heseltine and Johnny Ward (AKA Monkey Fist Adventures) are rowing the 3,200 miles (5,150 km) from Lanzarote to Antigua in support of The Dean Farm Trust and the..
02 Mar 0 233
Forests and woodlands still cover nearly a third of the planets land surface and are a cornerstone of life on earth. They are a key element in putting the brakes on climate change and biodiversity los..
Vegan 07 Feb 0 237
Choosing a plant based diet is the best thing we can do to stop biodiversity loss, repair ecosystems, slow climate change and potentially avoid future pandemics, according to new research.Our food sys..
Vegan 16 Jan 0 389
There has been a record number of sign ups for Veganuary this year. Over 500,000 people have taken the pledge to go meat and dairy free for January 2021. UK supermarkets even have pages on their websi..
Vegan 25 Nov 0 551
I am very excited to announce the opening of the Vegan Superstore ! It has been 5 weeks in the making but we made it. I am grateful to everyone who has contributed to its creation.Veganism is experien..
Vegan 24 Nov 0 409
The recent articles and letters in "The Vegetarian Messenger" on the question of the use of dairy produce have revealed very strong evidence to show that the production of these foods involves much cr..
Vegan 24 Nov 0 469
Donald Watson was born in September 1910 in South Yorkshire, UK. As a child he spent time on his Uncle George’s Farm where the slaughtering of a pig changed his life. He realised it wasn’t idyllic far..
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